Our Impact

Our collaborative, supportive, and data-driven process tailors a plan specific to your brand, goals, and target communities.

We’ll build you a ladder of digital engagement that inspires supporters to long term commitment and action: engaging, donating, boosting, volunteering, and voting. 

Triptych Ladder

Case Studies

We utilize every tool available from thorough analysis and activation of legacy assets to intentional growth strategies that ensure every investment is activated for maximum return and impact.

Increasing output for an inactive email program

How we reactivated a disengaged email list to maximize donations and engagement without additional investment.

Raising half a million in grassroots donations

Helping out-raise a 13-year incumbent in an historically Republican district.

Creating a strategic, intentional brand

How we partner to create brands and websites that stand out among competitors and build community around an organization

Strategic Content

Triptych takes an organic, story-forward approach to content production. You won’t find any stiff political talking points here, utilizing mixed media and available footage on any size budget we showcase our clients at their most authentic and give voice to the team and supporters around them. Our content encourages community-building and feels seamless on social media while hitting all the strategic marks of more traditional political ads (and yes we do those too).

Selection of Triptych Clients

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