Our Services

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Triptych’s approach invites your supporters to climb the ladder of engagement in the way that fits them best and inspires long term commitment and action.

Digital Communications and Growth

Email fundraising and engagement

Make email the hub of your digital program with a variety of strategic content that invites repeat action and engagement while hitting your fundraising targets.

SMS fundraising and engagement

Enhance your digital fundraising and mobilization with an SMS program that meets people where they are and amplifies your work online and off. 

List Building

We work exclusively with ethical data partners to develop smart, creative strategy and proudly charge zero commission on your data buys. Our recommendations serve your growth and not our bottom line, full stop. 

Digital Advertising

Persuade, tell your story, fundraise, make connections, mobilize. We approach digital ads with the same ethos as the rest of your digital tools: as an opportunity to organize.

Engagement Strategy

Digital Organizing

Ask us about our game-changing digital organizing programs large scale and small. We build enthusiastic digital communities that can be instantly mobilized online and off as an authentic extension of your campaign or organization.

Supporter Toolkits and Trainings

We offer development and design of digital supporter toolkits that can be used to mobilize your base and encourage your network to relationally organize arou

Social Media Strategy and Services

We’ll work alongside you to establish and grow your platforms with tactical, dynamic strategy until social media becomes one of your favorite tools to organize, persuade, connect and activate.

Content Strategy and Production

We do it all from strategizing with your in house content team to working with our favorite creative partners to produce fresh, story-driven content for all platforms.

General Consulting

Program and Pipleline Audits

We’ll look under the hood, identify the opportunities in the area of focus and find the very best solutions to utilize your assets and resources. We love helping our clients make the most of what they’ve got.

Narrative and Brand Strategy

Don’t get us started on how undervalued we feel this is in the political space! We’ll work with you to make sure your brand serves your story and hone your narrative to be deployed strategically, deepening connection to your work.

General Consultation

We know this can mean a lot of things in politics. At Triptych it means advising on strategy, vendors, organization chart, staffing, and campaign setup, with a special eye for optimized digital integration.

The Triptych Difference

At the heart of our work together is a collaborative approach that unites fundraising, content, and organizing to create lasting impact through the development of inclusive, honest, and effective campaigns.

A personal touch

Every account team includes a member of leadership with 15+ years of experience to ensure you receive smart, effective, and intentional strategy.

We customize!

Whether you’re launching a primary campaign or heading an organization with a 20-year road map, every client receives a tailored digital program and strategy.

We collaborate.

We’re at our best working with partners and teams who agree that digital strategy should be integrated into every department.

Story is key.

We prioritize narrative, design, brand, and all things creative to help inspire lasting connection and change with your supporters.

We build to last.

Our focus is not limited to low-hanging fruit, short term results, or burn and churn tactics—we create programs that are a value-add for the long-term. It takes time and attention, but it’s worth it.

We’re values-driven.

Activated, empowered communities are how we make our politics more effective and inviting. Our clients understand the extra intention a values-driven approach requires in this high-stakes space.

We build programs that meet the moment through a collaborative, inviting, and people-centered approach.

The Triptych team has decades of experience in politics, media and entertainment. We take a holistic, values-driven approach to digital strategy, incorporating established methods and cutting edge tactics to build strong, enduring communities around candidates, organizations and causes.

How We Work

Our Values


We know our politics is stronger, more equitable and more effective when people feel a sense of belonging and power in the system, and see it as our job to make sure our clients are honoring that online and off. We build people-centered digital programs that are accessible, engaging and inviting to develop a sense of community around your work – lasting beyond one cycle to create real value, belonging and change.


Integrity in the digital political space is broken. The system was built to make a quick buck at the expense of the end user, and it’s become riddled with conflicts of interest and bad practice. It’s difficult to operate in this space successfully while avoiding the questionable tactics that have become the norm, but that’s what we’re doing at Triptych. That begins and ends with staying grounded in our personal values of honesty, accountability, candor, and ultimately putting people — the public, clients, our staff — first. 


We know, we know — magic? Hear us out. Political communication is always a challenge, the digital space in particular has become a deluge of the same empty messaging from every direction. Folks are looking for a sense of connection, inspiration and — dare we say it — hope. At Triptych we pay extra attention to things like narrative and story, brand and design to enhance the experience, joy and sense of recognition people feel in our clients’ work. That’s where the magic happens.

We build power for our clients and the people they represent.

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